About Forrest

I am officially 31. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and still see that 16 year old kid… and he’s there, but just a little older and hopefully a little wiser for the wear.

I decided to put this blog together to track my experiences while working on earning my doctorate in English Literature & Criticism. I remember, as a college freshman or sophomore, one of my political science professors telling my class that having your Ph.D. didn’t make you any smarter–it just meant you were more persistent than most. In some respects, I agree with him. In other regards, I think it just means those of us who tread this highway are simply gluttons for punishment!

I also wanted to use this blog as an opportunity to try my thoughts as work my through the school year while teaching developmental English classes to college freshmen.  It’s an amazing experience, if tiring and trying at times, but beyond rewarding.  If nothing else, perhaps it will help serve as an opportunity to digest some of my experiences and make more sense of them.

But for all of the work I am doing here, it can’t be overlooked that there is someone else doing even more work on her own without the benefit of others to carry the added workload of an absent spouse. That’s why she is my Wonder Woman.

And so, hopefully for those of you with the free time to spend and are willing to subject yourself to browsing my on-going musings and debriefings, I hope there’s something you find worthwhile for your time. If nothing else, perhaps it will give some insight into why I am the way I am–as a family member, friend, co-worker, or teacher.


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